BIOAQUA Niacinome Hydrating Shea Facial Mask
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BIOAQUA Niacinome Hydrating Shea Facial Mask

BIOAQUA Niacinome Hydrating Shea Facial Mask

Containing Avocado extract ingredients, moisturizing, replenishing the skin with rich moisture, firmly locking the skin moisture, quenching the skin for the skin, light and breathable mask cloth after applying it, there is nothing like it, so that you have a different experience. Beauty enjoyment.

Product effect: 
-Helps improve dryness and lack of water, creating a radiant, radiant and radiant complexion
-A sufficient amount of essence is absorbed
-Lighter thinner and more comfortable
-Deep into the muscle base, nourish and hydrate, and continue to use, the skin surface is smooth and translucent

How to use:
Step 1:Take out the mask and apply the mask on your face.
Step 2:After 15-20 minutes, take the mask and pat the remaining essence to absorb
Step 3:Wash your face with water,then continue to skin care as usual

Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse eyes thoroughly with clean water and consult doctor if contact occurs.
As everyone’s skin type is different, it is recommended testing it at skin behind your ear
If irritation, skin hurts, injury or skin rashes develop, please do not use it and consult doctor.

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1 x BIOAQUA Niacinome Hydrating Shea Facial Mask