MAYCREATE Aqua Tone-Up Cream 50g
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Product SKU MAYCREATE-Aqua Tone-Up Cream-50g
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MAYCREATE Aqua Tone-Up Cream 50g

MAYCREATE Aqua Tone-Up Cream 50g

Product efficacy:
Replenish the nutrients needed by the skin,brighten the skin
Repair damaged skin, Moisturizing, Shrink pores, Make skin tender and smooth.Have excellent repair force, repair various skin problems, make your skin soft and smooth.four seasons available,Bright and hydrated, naturally blends into the skin,Improve rough.Firming skin.Nourish tender.Repair damaged.

1) Anti-Freckle
2) Deep Moiturizing
3) Whitening
4) Nourishing Skin
5) Lift & Firming & Contouring 

How to use:
1: clean the face 
2: take moderate cream , use it one face 
3: use your hands massage face from inside to cheek until it totally absorbed

What's in the box

1 x MAYCREATE Aqua Tone-Up Cream 50g