LAIKOU Milk Honey Hand Wax 120g
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Product SKU LAIKOU-Milk Honey Hand Wax
Size (L x W x H) 6 cm x 6 cm x 7 cm
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LAIKOU Milk Honey Hand Wax 120g

Product Features:
1. Has delicate and smooth touch feelings, so it is easy to absorb for skin.
2. Rich in milk, can effectively permeate into the depths of the skin to fade away the hand wrinkles, remove aging skin on the surface;
3. Rich in honey nourishing ingredients, can effectively improve the skin, and make it delicate and smooth.
4. Efficacy: make skin moisturizing and tender; exfoliating experience, smooth agnail, and fade away fine wrinkles.

1. After cleaning hands, apply this product evenly to your hands with thickness of about 1 mm, make sure both hands are fully covered, especially the joints and fingertips;
2. Wait for about 20 minutes until the hand wax forms into a film;  tear it off  easily then apply hand cream to hands.
3. Since it will take about 20 minutes to let hand wax form into a film, if you want a rapid formation, try to dry your hands in  appropriate distance with a hair dryer in hot-wind mode or use electric fans.

What's in the box

1 x LAIKOU Milk Honey Hand Wax 120g