MAYCREATE Whitening Sunscreen Spray UV Protection Isolation
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MAYCREATE Whitening Sunscreen Spray UV Protection Isolation

Applicable parts:Body, Face, Hand, Feet

Suitable for skin type: Any skin type


Shelf life : 3 Years

Product efficacy

1:Whitening skin

2:Water resistant with Broad Spectrum protection against sunburn, skin cancer and premature signs of aging

3:Protects longer in the sun,keep moisture.prevent sweat

4:Convenient size travels with you for protection touch-ups during the day

5:Can be used on wet skin, complete don't hinder the prevent bask in effect

6:Use more calm makeup the effect after makeup

7:Fully transparent, refreshing, skin zero burden

8:spray on the hair/clothes are completely not a trace (completely no white dots)

The use of light feeling, not oily and have gloss, Dry and refreshing spray has a defense ultraviolet (uv) and is not affected by sweat and sebum, make makeup last longer

How to use:Shake well, after about 20 cm away from the skin around the location of the spray, spray after take a shot with the hand, absorption is good. It is that simple, convenient to carry