2PCS Cute Hello Kitty Plastic Hooks Suckers Wall Suction Hanger
Price RM6.00
Product SKU KT Suckers Hook
Product Description:
100% Brand New and High Quality
material: hard plastic + sucker
suction cup diameter: 5.5 cm
load: 3 kg
color: random color
scope: Glass, mirrors, tiles, artificial stone wall.
Uses: Can be used to hang towels, keys, trinkets, laptops, etc.

Sucker tips:
1, if the suction cup off or worn become difficult to adsorption, please in hot water on 60 Celsius is immersed for about 10 minutes dry, you can re-use.
2, if found to easily sucker slide, can be coated with a small amount of oil (salad oil) inside the suction cup, sucker not so easy to slip.
3, suitable for installation to the following surface: smooth surface (tile surfaces, plastic surfaces, stainless steel surfaces, transparent glass surface, mirror, metal surface coating, etc.). when installed, then wipe the surface first adsorption suction cup can be pressed against the surface.
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Packing: 2 Pcs / Hook Storage Set